OEM Part Numbers: 4DT3220ETSK 4DT3F76KE-TSK 4DT3F76KL-TSK 4DT3F76KE-TSK 4DT32200TSK 4DT3F76KOTSK 4DT3A2200TSK 4DT3-220L-TSK 4DT3-220E-TSK 4DT3-220A-TSK 4DT3220LTSK 4DT3220ATSK 4DT3A220LTSK 4DT3A220ETSK 4DT3A220ATSK 4DT3A-220E-TSK 4DT3A-220E-TSK-800 4DT3F76KE-TSK 4DT3F76KE-TSK-800

  • Fits Brands:
  • Copeland
  • Fits Models:
  • 4D Oil
  • Model Reference Number:
  • 4D
  • 4DT

This price already includes the refundable core charge of $800.

Build Data

Cylinders: 4

Discharge Line Diameter: 1 3/8

Model Reference Number: 4DT, 4D

Piston Cylinder Diameter: 2 15/16

Short Block: UPC-SB4DT

Suction Line Diameter: 2 1/8

Unloading Heads: NA

Performance Data

Frequency: 60Hz

Horse Power: N/A

Ideal Oil Pressure At install: 20 TO 40

Ideal Terminal Volts At install: 208/230/460

Oil Type: POE

Phase: 3

Purpose: Low Temp

Terminal Amps At Install: 66/33

Voltage: 208/230/460

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