Make Sure Your Compressor is Functioning Properly

Make Sure Your Compressor is Functioning Properly

April 15, 2014

Your compressor is now installed, run tested and charged. It seems to be running great but you need to be sure.

Follow these 4 basic steps: 

  1. Check to be sure gauge pressures are normal for the particular ambient and box temperature.
  2. Check key components such as amp draw, oil level and Super Heat.  A good rule of thumb is 20 degs at the compressor.
  3. A good mechanical contractor will always return the next day to see that these critical indicators are holding true.  Remember- The goal is a satisfied customer.
  4. Make sure that you always replace the contactors, driers and perform a thorough inspection of the electrical system each and every time you replace a compressor.

Remember, you only want to change the compressor once.  So finding the reason for the failure is a must.

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