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Hands-On Tech Training

Hands-On Tech Training

Expand your skills and expertise in HVAC and refrigeration by learning from the best in the industry! Horace Park, a seasoned technical expert with over 40 years of experience in compressors, is here to guide you through a comprehensive hands-on training program.

During the session, you and your team will delve into the depths of compressor technology, gaining valuable insights and practical knowledge that will elevate your understanding.

Horace’s wealth of experience ensures you receive top-notch instruction tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Contact us today to schedule a session with an enlightening lecture, educational materials for reference, engaging promotional resources, and a captivating live demonstration of compressor disassembly.

Our specialized training program will help your team advance their skills and better serve your customers’ needs.

Product of The Month

This month’s featured product is the 06ET Compressor with a Standard Head setup. This model is designed with the discharge port of the center head facing the pump end, a common characteristic found in most 06ET compressors meant for general use.

06E compressors will come with various components to aid with installation and maintenance.

These include:

  • Two (2) Suction Cut-Off Unloader Heads
  • 06ET Standard Head
  • Additional Gaskets Provided For Infield Conversions

All 06ET compressors now come with POE oil for lubrication, reducing friction and wear and improving performance and longevity.

Note – POE oil is compatible with older systems, refrigerants, and oils.

POE oil can be safely mixed with mineral oil when you have a system using CFC of HCFC refrigerants. If your system uses HFC refrigerants, there must be at least 95% POE oil to prevent issues with your system/compressor.

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