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New 06ET Head Configuration

New 06ET Head Configuration

Knowing the setup of your 06ET head is essential for the smooth operation of your compressor. The head configuration can either be a Standard Head or a Reverse Center Head. The key distinction between these configurations is the position of the center head discharge port. We will start dispatching these compressors with the standard center head components to conform with industry uniformity.

Why Make This Change?

We aim to Seek Simplicity in production by reducing the number of product variations and offering our customers more choices within a single SKU.

Providing multiple options in one SKU will simplify the ordering process

enabling our customers to quickly select what is required in the field and, if needed, order a replacement reverse center head.

Standard Head 06E

In a Standard Head 06ET configuration, the center head discharge port faces the pump end. This configuration is common in most 06ET compressors and is usually suitable for general-purpose applications.

Reverse Center Head 06E

In the Reverse Center Head 06ET configuration, the center head discharge port is on the other side of the pump end.

If needed the Reverse Center Head is available for purchase under item HD-0660.

What’s Will Be Included with The Compressor?

06ET compressors will come with various components to aid in the installation and maintenance of the compressor. These include:

Two (2) Suction Cut-Off Unloader Heads

06ET Standard Head

Additional Gaskets Provided For Infield Conversions

All 06ET Compressors Will Come with POE Oil

All 06ET compressors will now be shipped with POE oil. This synthetic oil helps to lubricate the compressor, reducing friction and wear and enhancing its performance and longevity.

Identifying a New 06E Compressor

The differentiator for customers with current inventory is the first two digits of the serial number.  All new version units were built beginning in week 12 of 2024.  1224SE7282  

Verify the SKU’s initial four digits. If they are 1224, it indicates the most recent version of the 06E compressor. Anything prior to week 12 was likely built with a reverse center head.

We understand that change can be difficult. Please know that our CMP Team is here to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have throughout this transition. We aim to improve our service for all your compressor and compressor part needs.

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