Kriwan Compressor Condition Monitoring

Kriwan Compressor Condition Monitoring

May 24, 2016

Did you know that every A1 Remanufactured Copeland 10 – 30 HP compressor comes standard equipped with the new Kriwan Diagnose INT 369 module?

This amazing piece of technology allows service technicians to easily determine the condition and health of a compressor on site. LED lights indicate when a compressor is experiencing operating difficulties. Field troubleshooting becomes a breeze.

Simply download the Kriwan app from your App store to your smart phone. Through the diagnostic cable you can connect your phone to the module and download the last 20 error codes.

For more detailed information, click on the video below or call us at 800 743-6009.

Just another example of why A-1 Compressor is the smart choice!

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